Pyongyang-Kaesong-Mt. Myohyang 4 Days Tour
Date Region/City Transportation Itinerary Pictures
Day1 Dandong
Join our Chinese group in our office at 8:20 am. Go to Dandong Train Station, go through Dandong Customs then board the hard-sleeper train from Dandong to Sinuiju the border city of North Korea in 5 minutes. Leave Sinuiju for Pyongyang after going through North Korean Customs. You will have nice view of North Korean countryside on way to Pyongyang. Arrive in Pyongyang around 18:00 pm. Meet your Korean guide at Pyongyang Train Station. Drive to Yanggakdo hotel.
Meal:Lunch\Dinner          Hotel:Yanggakdo
Day2 Pyongyang
After breakfast, drive to Kaesong., Drive to Panmunjom in Kaesong. Visit DMZ, Panmunjom Military Demarcation between North and South. Here there is a North Korean military officer who will introduce the history of this area to you . Visit Meeting Hall and Where Truce Was Signed. It is the place where the signing ceremony was held. visit the Koryo History Museum, After lunch, drive back to Pyongyang to visit Mangyongdae Native House, Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace to watch a special performance by local children. Drive back to hotel after dinner.
Meal: breakfast\Lunch\dinner     Hotel:Yanggakdo
Day3 Pyongyang
Mt. Myohyang
After breakfast, visit Grand Monument on Mansu Hill. There stands the bronze statue of the President Kim Il Sung and the General Kim Jong Il in the centre. Drive to Mt. Myohyang. Visit the International Friendship Exhibition Hall. It displays some gifts presented to President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il by heads of parties, states, public and political figures from various countires. Visit Pohyon Temple. After lunch, drive back to Pyongyang to visit the Friendship Tower, Arch of Triumph, Chollima Statue, Pyongyang Metro, Take a ride with local people. Drive back to hotel after dinner.
Meal: breakfast\Lunch\dinner     Hotel:Yanggakdo
Day4 Pyongyang
After breakfast, visit Kim Il Sung Square and Tower
of Juche Idea. Then drive to Pyongyang Train
Station. The train leave Pyongyang at 10:10 am and
arrive in Dandong at around 16:30 pm.. Finish the
unforgettable trip. 
Meal: breakfast\Lunch
Tour Fee Includes The Following:
1.Transportation between Dandong and Pyongyang
2.Transportation in Pyongyang
3.Hotel in Pyongyang
4.Meals listed in the itinerary in North Korea
5.Admission fees in North Korea
6.North Korea visa fees
Personal North Korea tour guide (English-speaking)
Not Included The Tour Fee:
1.Optional single room supplement of RMB 300 per night
2.Spending money for drinks and souvenirs
3.Hotel in Dandong
Book This Tour:
1.Please contact us 10-15 days in advance of tour departure. Send us the following information by e-mail box: 3014492183@qq.com
    a)Copy of your passport
    b)Copy of double entry visa for China on your passport
    c)Name ,address and contact phone number of your company or school
    d)Your home address and contact phone number or mobile phone number
    e)Your passport style photo
2.We will confirm the tour at least 7 days in advance of tour departure
3.Please arrive in Dandong and come to our office before 15:00 pm on the day before departure, give us your original passport and two passport size pictures for North Korea visa and pay the tour. A pre-tour meeting for you and give you more information about tour
We will give you your passport and North Korea visa the same day or the morning of tour departure
Tour Rules:
1.Journalists can not join our tour group into North Korea
2.Please don’t bring the following things into North Korea. Telescopes, Korean currency, professional DV, Long focus camera lens over 150mm, the GPS camera and books in the Korean language
3.Please don’t take animal and plant souvenirs into China. It was not allowed by Chinese customs
4.Please respect North Korean customs, habits and their vision of the Great Leader 
5.Please don’t take pictures of soldiers or at check point .You can only take a photograph of what the guides allow.
6.Please don’t break away from the tour group and communicate with the local people without permission
Please don’t throw anything to North Korean children by the railways tracks.